Professional Liability Insurance

Are you looking for professional liability insurance for massage therapist?

There are several company’s that offer professional liability insurance for massage therapist.  There are three major providers that specialize in the massage industry.

AMTA – American Massage Therapy Association

IMA – International Massage Association

ABMP– Accociated Bodywork and Massage Professionals

Check out their web site’s and read the fine print.  The premium’s will very between companies, be sure to compare services available and types of massage covered under the policy.  Normally These companies have student rates, regular rates, and professional rates.

If you want more choices check with your local insurance agency’s.  They often have products available that may fit your needs for professional liability insurance.  (The groups listed above will usually have the best prices because they buy their policies as a group plan.)

Please understand that you normally need additional insurance if you plan on opening a business.  Your professional liability insurance normally will have some coverage for contents and falls and accidental injury.

If you own the building or plan on leasing space, its always a great idea to add tenant insurance and or home owners insurance with a rider on the policy that specifically covers your use of the property.  If you have questions or concerns you can always visit a insurance professional for a review of your professional liability insurance to be sure you have the proper coverage.

If you have any suggestions please feel free to leave a post.

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