Massage Trade Schools

Massage Therapy Trade Schools

Trade schools can be a great avenue for some students because they offer flexibility.  With full and part time programs students are able to choose a program that fits their needs.

Unlike college programs that require you to take English and Math, trade schools focus on the material that NYS mandate’s.  Individuals who find traditional college classes intimidating often do well in trade school programs due to the way the material is taught.  Subject’s such as Anatomy and Physiology are taught to students in a why that show students how it is relevant to massage therapy.

Full and part time programs require just as much commitment as college programs.  Most schools have high test standards and require students to pass each test with a 75% or higher.  This is important because NYS requires you to score 75% or higher to pass their written licensing exam.

Hours a week spent in class depends on the program you are enrolled in.  The shorter a program the more hours in the day/week are required.  NYS requires that students receive a minimum of 1000 hours of class room training in specific subjects.  To see a complete summery of the requirements please click on NYS requirements on this page.

Some massage trade schools include

Center for Natural Wellness

Finger Lakes School of Massage

Brooklyn Institute of Massage Therapy

Hudson Valley School of Massage

Institute for Intergrative Healthcare

New York Institute of Massage

New York Awareness Center

New York College of Health Professions

Onodaga School Of Therapeutic Massage

Pacific College of Oriental Medicine: NY

Yoga & Polarity Center of Nassau  516-596-0397

If you have attended a trade school program please share your experience by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Jodi Distefano LMT says:

    I attended Mildred Elley over a year ago. The program was still fairly new at the time and had some kinks that needed to be worked out, mostly with scheduling. Although everything did not always go smoothly, I had many wonderful instructors. If you are determined to become a massage therapist and dedicated to your work, this could be an excellent program.

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