Massage Table Sheets/Linens

Massage Table Sheets / Linens

There are many types of linens available on the market for massage tables.  Choosing the sheets that are right for you can be confusing.  How much money should you spend?  What type of linen? Cotton, fleece, flannel, cotton blends and bamboo are just a few of your choices.  Do you use all flat sheets or do you use a fitted bottom and a flat top?

If you are a student keep it simple!  Many massage school programs have a linen service for sheets used in class or in clinic.  Most students only need sheets for practice at home.  Keep in mind that you will be washing your sheets a lot.  Try to buy sheets that are less expensive such as twin sheet sets at your local Walmart.  Pattern sheets are great for students because they hide oil stains.  It doesn’t matter how clean your sheets are, if a client sees stains they think the sheets are dirty.  If they stain use at your discretion.

The type of linen determines the durability.  Can you afford to constantly reinvest in new sheets.  Higher thread count sheets typically last longer however they tend to cost more.  Thread counts around 200 can last for several years and cost much less.  If you do choose to invest a little more, bamboo and flannel sheets add a little extra comfort and style.

Flat or Fitted is a very common question many students have when choosing their sheets.  Its all your own personal preference.  If you use all flat sheets it is very easy fold and pair your sheets.  The bottom sheet will sometimes shift on the table with your clients movement and bunch exposing the Table.  Some therapist Tie the corners of the sheets to the legs of their massage table to prevent this from happening.  Some therapist will buy full sized sheets for their bottom sheet or use fitted bottom sheets, twin size fit most massage tables nicely.

Try different types of sheets and see what works for you!

Linen companies

Innerpeace “The Sheet People” or call 800-949-7650

Purefiber – Natural fiber towels

Massage Naturals –

If you have any suggestions or tips about linens, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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