Massage Supplies

Finding companies that sell massage supplies is not hard, however finding a retailer that is competitively priced can be.

When you are looking to purchase products such as Massage Tables, Lotions, Linens, etc. you will find there are some great deals out there if you know where  to look.

Some suggestions:

  • Sign up for newsletter from as many suppliers as you can.  They often give out weekly / monthly specials.
  • Request a catalog from each supply company
  • Attend Conventions and continuing ed workshops, they often had out coupons and samples of new products.
  • Talk to other professionals

A few places to begin checking out:

Massage Warehouse

Body Work Mall

Massage Tables Now

Scrip Supply

Massage King

Got your Back


If you are reading this page and have know of some great deals or other sites to recommend, please let us know!

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