Choosing a Massage Table

It can be tough choosing a massage table that is right for you.

Tables are an investment, so when purchasing a table look for a table that fits your needs.  A quality massage table can last for years, when cared for properly.  Portable massage tables are great tables for most massage therapist.  They are made of wood or light weight aluminum and can hold 500lbs to 800 lbs.  For established offices, a stationary table could be a good choice.  They offer many extra features such as tilt tops, shelf’s and cabinets under the table.  The deluxe models include electronic lift for height adjustment.

If you are a student, most schools have tables that you can rent or use during class.  Experiment with as many tables as you can and find a table that you feel comfortable with.

Things to consider:

Table Width – Table width is one of the most over looked features of a table.  Table width can range from 28″ to 34″.  It’s important to choose a width that allows enough room for your clients arms to rest comfortably at their sides.  It is nice to have a 34″ table, however not all therapist can reach the other side of the table comfortably.  A table width of 30″ to 32″ is ideal for many therapist.

Table Thickness – Comfort is key!  Tables range from 2″ to 4″ thick and offer many types of foam layers.  2.75″ to 3″ of foam is perfect for most clients comfort.  Many LMT’s add additional padding such as egg crates or fleece table pads.

Table weight – Massage tables can weigh 25 lbs to 38 lbs.   Aluminum tables are normally the lightest.

Head rest – When ordering your table you are often given a choice on a standard head rest or upgrading to a deluxe head rest.  The deluxe head rest has more adjustments for client comfort.

End plates – Massage tables typically come with a standard end plate or a reiki end plate.  The reiki end plate allows room for your knee’s to slide under the head of the massage table.

Table height – Table height can range from 24″ to 38″

Does the table come with a warranty?

Do have a table that you love? Please feel free to leave a recommendation!

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  1. nick says:

    I have two Earth Lite Spirit tables, one is 30″ and the other is 34″. I have used these tables for the last 8 years and they still look new. I am very happy with this table!

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